Micah and Maddie

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How We Met

Maddie and I (Micah) met in college! We became part of the same friend group. After years of being friends and both being in different relationships the stars aligned back in 2017 and we started hanging out a little more seriously which led to a year of being best friends and then boyfriend and girlfriend.

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How They Asked

I formulated a plan to suprise Maddie while she was on a suprise trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland with her mom to visit some long-time friends for Maddie’s 30th Birthday! I helped design the ring with my friend Shayan Afshar (@shayanafshar). I flew out a few days after Maddie left with her Dad.

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We started location scouting and found a beautiful park about a 5min walk from where she and some of her friends were staying. I had her dad surprise her at the entrance of the park and walk her to a beautiful path where he told her to keep walking. When she turned the corner I was standing there shaking with excitement. After we got engaged we ran around Belfast for a few days soaking in the excitement of being engaged and then flew back to LA.

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