Micah and Lucas

How We Met

In 2015, I moved to Scotland to pursue my Masters of Social Work. In my two years there, God radically reshaped my heart and I started learning to be a more compassionate social worker, a more patient and forgiving daughter, and a more loving friend. Just before I had moved, Lucas Ventura moved from Ventura, California (lol) to my hometown of Beaverton, Oregon. He quickly fostered friendships with lots of people, including some of my old friends.

In August 2016, I came home to visit my family and friends and soon after, my sister and I were invited to a birthday party at my friend Sam’s house (this will important to know later… I’m winking at you). I decided to wear a cool hat, but I didn’t know many people. As my sister and I walked onto the patio, my old friend Christine came up to us with a hot guy trailing behind her. I quickly noted his attractiveness, but being committed to remaining in Scotland, I extinguished any possibilities. Still, he introduced himself and I made fun of his pierced ears and we found ourselves talking together for most of the evening. We parted ways, added each other on Facebook and I moved back to Scotland.

Two months later, Lucas messaged me saying he was impressed by my posts regarding the presidential election. From then on, we messaged each other more and more often, and before long we started Skyping. By February 2017, we were Skyping every day. As things grew more serious, we sought counsel from our Pastors, mentors and friends closest to us, and spent several days praying apart. In March, we decided that our relationship was a blessed and beautiful thing and officially entered a committed relationship. A few months later, I decided to move back home to Beaverton to invest in Lucas and the people around us. Our relationship flourished, though we had a lot of learning to do about each other and ourselves (and still do haha). I had known for most of our friendship that Lucas was the kind of person I wanted to marry, and he said the same.

how they asked

This brings us to the 14th October, 2017. To my understanding, it was the last night of our three-part Lord of the Rings series (extended edition). I had spent a good amount of time preparing the previous two Saturdays with snacks, quizzes, and prizes. I was unaware of the night Lucas had been preparing for the last month. He sneakily moved the last night of our series from my house to Sam’s house and elicited the help of our families and close friends.

Lucas arranged for our mentors to take us to dinner so I wouldn’t show up to watch the movie in sweats and a t-shirt. On the car ride over, I was so convinced we were watching Return of the King that I practiced the terminology for the LOTR quiz with Lucas. He was humoring me the whole time. We arrived at Sam’s house at 6pm sharp. Mat had asked me the day before if he could talk to me privately before the movie, so when he pulled me outside and asked for some girl advice, I didn’t suspect anything. He left me on the patio to retrieve his phone to show me a text message. I then heard a door open behind me and saw Lucas walk out, followed by two of our friends taking pictures and video.

That’s when I finally understood what was happening. He told me to stand up and with a shaky voice told me beautiful things neither one of us can remember. He then knelt to the ground, opened a white box and asked, “wanna marry me?” (lol) I said, “yes, I am so ready for this” and fell into his arms and then we both fell to the ground. Shortly after, 30 of our friends and family came out and loved on us, prayed for us and celebrated. Here we are now and I am thrilled for our stories to be knit together. I am in love with what God is doing in Lucas’s life and who He is making him to be. Let’s do this.

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