Kelsey and Micah

Image 1 of Kelsey and Micah

How We Met

I was very lucky to meet my fiance, Micah, in Richland, WA. It was a pretty unique introduction… and very unique relationship timeline. I was working for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as an Emergency Preparedness Intern. We were conducting a radiological emergency drill that day, where I was playing a victim. The building the drill was at had a new intern that day coming in, who they volunteered to be a victim as well. As I had been there all summer already, I knew all the interns and had friends. Skip, building manager, introduced me to Micah. He was kind of my tag along for the day, because I could introduce him to other students. Micah was a summer intern for 3 weeks sent from Annapolis, MD as a Naval Academy student. We chatted some, he went to my rival college for a semester before going the Navy. We talked about the MN and ND way of life we both enjoyed at different parts of our lives.

I got fake makeup done that day to represent the wounds I would be having in the exercise. First a head wound that bled down the side of my face, second burns to my legs. Quite the looker aren’t I??? The day went on, we saw each other off and on. There were two other Navy interns at the same time, but located in different locations. I ended up meeting the other female intern later that day, and myself and a few other interns invited the whole group to the movies. We saw Inside Out. Slowly those Naval Academy students started hanging out with me more and more… and then it was just Micah coming over. Not sure how that changed! However we only knew each others 3 weeks before Micah had to return to Maryland, while I stayed in Washington. He left in July, and we were seeing each other every 6 weeks after that. I was lucky enough to get a job in Southern Virginia, and now we are only a 4.5 hour drive away!

how they asked

Micah is a HUGE runner. He’s successfully ran 66 miles in one go, completed marathons… overall incredible. I agreed to run a half marathon for his birthday along with his family. Micah, his dad, and I ran the half marathon, while his mom did the 10k. We ran… and ran… and ran. Finally finished, and took some pictures at the finish line! Then as we were walking (or in my case waddling) away, I told him I needed to stop to stretch at a bench near by. I got to the bench and was stretching and he told me he had a “post race gift” for me. I said aw, that was nice. In my head.. I was thinking I just ran 13 miles, I want to die, and I’m cold. Mind you.. it’s January 1st in Minnesota. It was not warm.

I pulled out a little package, and inside had a golden snitch with an etched MK! (Micah Kelsey… MK). I was like aw, it says MK. Thank you! But it twisted open. I couldn’t do it… because my hands were too cold. I handed it back and said can you open it? He opened it and got down on his knee. A beautiful ring was inside, and he asked “Kelsey Jo, will you marry me?” I’m not sure that I said yes…. I was shocked. I took the ring though, so hopefully that made it clear I was saying yes!! Best part of the story… apparently he tried to steer me to an area with trees, but I was so focused on the bench that I didn’t listen. So this lead him to propose in front of a line of porta potties. It was perfect. I didn’t even notice to be honest! This is exactly where it happened, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!