Micaela and Philip

How We Met

I was out with some girlfriends and he was out with some of his buddies at a popular pub in San Francisco. One of the guys who was in his group came up to me and started flirting with me. I wasn’t interested and told him so. Philip was hanging out near me and started laughing at how I denied his friend and told me how he knew his friend would come back and try again…he did. Philip and I ended up talking the whole night and then we went and got donuts together after the bar (the best way to a girls heart, right?). He asked if I wanted to hang out again sometime, because he had just moved back up to the Bay Area and was looking for some more friends to hang out with. We hung out a few days later, got coffee, and talked for 3 hours straight. I called my Mom after and told her he’s the one.

how they asked

We had been talking about getting engaged pretty seriously for about 4 months, so I had an idea it was coming. He told me we were going to a nice lunch in the city for his cousin who had just gotten married the week before. We got dressed up nice and took an uber to the restaurant for “the lunch”. On our way, his family texted him and said that the lunch was pushed back, so Philip suggested we go and walk around Lands End while we waited. When we got there, Philip started taking me on the trail, which is when I started to figure out what was going on because he knew exactly where we were going. We finally walked around a corner and I saw lots of roses leading up to the most beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge with a ring propped in the middle of the roses! I instantly started crying and the rest is a blur. We both cried and I managed to mutter out a yes in the middle of sobbing. He had a photographer who captured everything and even took some engagement photos right after!

Micaela's Proposal in Lands End in San Francisco

We grabbed some lunch after and Philip suggested we take a photo in front of the pub that we met at. We walked over to the pub and took a quick photo and he suggested we go in…inside was our best friends for a surprise engagement celebration! I was so surprised and Philip was so excited to surprise me with a part of the engagement. It was the best day of my life by far!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lands End in San Francisco


Special Thanks

Kelly Boitano
 | Photographer