Micaela and Jesse

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How We Met

Jesse and I met in 2019 on Hinge. On July 5 of last year, we went out on what I now know was the best first date. We met at Dallas seafood restaurant TJ’s for dinner and had a great time. He wanted to keep it going, so he suggested our next stop be Chocolate Secrets, a local chocolate shop, where we shared a piece of cake, had a couple of glasses of wine, and listened to live music. While we were there, something about the connection felt different in the best way. After that, we still weren’t ready to say goodbye for the evening and went on a late-night scooter ride. Sparks were flying, and we jumped straight into dating and seeing each other as much as we could.

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As 2019 went on, we continued to become closer and really focus on building the life we knew we wanted together. We took our first big step and moved into an apartment together in November.

How They Asked

Jesse and I decided we were ready to become homeowners together this year and went on the hunt for our first home. We found our home in Dallas and were ready to close July 14. That day, we closed on our house in the morning and had an amazing day celebrating, jumping in our pool for the first time, and just soaking in this major step in our relationship.

We ran back to our apartment after swimming to freshen up so we could enjoy a date night in our new home. We took a break from our comfy pandemic shelter-in-place clothes and picked out cute outfits so we could take a nice “we bought our first house” picture out front. On the way to the house, we picked up dinner from TJ’s, the seafood restaurant where we had our first date. Jesse also picked up a special cake earlier from the chocolate shop where we had the rest of our first date as a surprise.

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Jesse and I are both photographers, so once we got to the house, he set up a tripod, and he set the timer so we could capture the perfect picture of the two of us and our pup Charlie in front of our home.

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When we prepared to take what I thought was the third and final photo, Jesse switched his camera to video, walked over, pulled out the most beautiful ring, and proposed. I was absolutely shocked! Jesse also had a photographer friend of ours hiding out one house down to capture the moment. We had talked a lot about our home being our focus right now, so Jesse making this sweet place even more special on day one than I could have ever imagined had me in tears!

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2020 might not have started as we planned with the pandemic, but this year has become the most exciting adventure, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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Special Thanks

Payne Wingate
 | Photographer