Micaela and Isaac

Image 3 of Micaela and Isaac

How We Met

Isaac and I met in High School on a Friday night football game. He played but after his game, he and a few of his teammates went to the bleachers to watch the rest of the other games. I was there with some of my friends too watching the games that night. I went down to the concessions to get a hot chocolate because it was getting really cold as the night got later. Isaac was standing next to me at the concessions talking to a group of friends. He said something funny and all I could do was laugh a little bit. When I did, he heard me, turned around and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and we talked for the rest of the night and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Every year for our anniversary we plan a little weekend getaway. This year marked 6 years together and we chose to visit Galena, IL. We arrived in Galena on our anniversary in the late afternoon and stopped for some lunch at a sandwich shop downtown. We had planned to go visit the beautiful waterfall after lunch. Once we made it through the winding backroads of Galena and to the parking lot of the park we got out and the view was breathtaking. Hearing the water rush down and the way the sun was setting it was so beautiful. Little did I know…it was about to get way better than that because Isaac had a big plan all along. I walked farther towards the waterfall and Isaac was a little bit behind me. I looked around admiring the sound, the breeze, and just how pretty it was and when I turned back around at Isaac there he was, down on one knee!! I was in complete shock.

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I instantly put my hands over my face and I couldn’t stop smiling. Happy tears filled my eyes and I told him a million times yes!! He put the gorgeous ring on my finger and I jumped up and hugged and kissed him. I was in complete shock mode. I could not believe this actually just happened. He even found a photographer a few days before in Galena to meet us there to capture the moment.

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Isaac also told me that he has had the ring since October and was just trying to plan out the perfect time and way to pop the question. I couldn’t believe that he’s had the ring that long without me finding out or him accidentally giving it away. He did such an amazing job and I had absolutely no idea which made it even more of a surprise. Waterfalls will always give me butterflies and will have such a special memory for both of us now. I’m still way up here on cloud nine and I can’t wait to spend forever FALLING more and more in love with my high school sweetheart!

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Special Thanks

Kayla Furlong
 | Photographer