Micaela and Alan

Image 1 of Micaela and Alan
How We Met: Alan and I met through some mutual friends. I did CrossFit with his best friend’s now wife. We went on a float trip and mingled over cinnamon rolls (which we divulge in frequently to this day). We actually hung out once and then didn’t reconnect until a few weeks later, but after that we were inseparable!

how they asked: I knew the proposal was coming soon but I had no idea how and when! Throughout the day, I had been talking to Alan about my plans for that night and then what we were going to do that weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Finally I find out that he wanted to take me to Branson, so in my mind I not only have a million things to do when I get off of work, but I also think the proposal will happen there. I WAS WRONG. I’m a teacher and a cheerleading sponsor/game coach so I go to cheer practice after school. I head over there pretty quickly this Friday and as I’m walking in I see a former student and current cheerleader talking to her mom, but as I walk by, she “shhhs” her. I thought it was weird, but didn’t think to hard about it. I walk through the doors and up the stairs to the room and my team was already practicing their chants and pyramids for our upcoming game. During this time, I received a phone call that I don’t recognize the number so I just let it go to voicemail. When I listened to the voicemail, it said something about a package and delivering it to my building (which I wasn’t at), all the meantime the girls are stunting with signs and cheering. Next thing I know, I get nugged and look over to the last sign, which was supposed to say “Trojans” says “Will you marry me?” and Alan walks around the corner, gets on one knee and asks me to marry him! I was so shocked and it took me a second to realize what was happening, all I could do was shake my head yes! I hugged him and looked over and my mom stepped from around the corner and she had been there to witness the whole thing along with my cheer girls being a part of it. I was completely shocked and after talking with him, I found out that this mysterious packed was supposed to be flowers sent to me during the day which read “You might want to cancel your plans tonight!” Apparently, it was going to add suspense, but everything was perfect anyway and I’m going to be marrying my best friend!!!!!!