Mica and Todd

Mica and Todd's Engagement in Royal gorge bridge, Colorado

How We Met

Todd and I met 7 years ago. We went to the same high school, however he was two years older than me. I am the same age as his younger sister. I never had any interaction with him!

We randomly became Facebook friends in 2011. I happened to comment on his Facebook status. We went back and forth until I decided to give him my number! We were only talking for a month until he told me he loved me – I know what you’re thinking. Too soon! But we both felt a feeling that we never felt before.

how they asked

My Fiancé and I went to Colorado to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. The last time we went on vacation was 5 years ago! We were certainly due.

Thursday, August 2nd, the second day we were in Colorado, we had a luncheon planned at the Royal Gorge Railroad where we would have lunch on a train that went through the Colorado Canyon of the Arkansas River. Little did I know, he was planning to propose on the train car until we decided last minute to go visit and walk the Royal Gorge Bridge last minute, which crosses the canyon. This bridge is the highest suspension bridge in the United States.

We got to the bridge and walked across. The sun was setting. Off to the side of the bridge there was a secluded ledge that overlooked the beautiful canyon. It was just the two of us. Luckily, three random ladies from Louisiana made their way down by the ledge and Todd told me he’ll go over to them to take a picture of us. Little did I know, he told them his plan. He was going to propose! As he made his way toward me, he told me to turn around to take a picture, and right before my eyes he went down on one knee.

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