Erin and Michael's Miami Beach Proposal

Michael and I met February 2010  in Miami Beach. I was there on a girls trip from orlando where I lived at the time. I was born and raised there and was going to UCF. I went down to Miami for the first time ever. Michael, originally from Colorado moved to NYC at 18. He worked for a high end restaurant group and they sent him to Miami for a weekend to help open a new restaurant. I met Michael at the W hotel my first night in Miami. We were instantly attracted to each other and hit it off immediately and spent the whole night talking.

Two weeks later he was transferred down to live in Miami to help with the new restaurant. I went back to Miami that same weekend for spring break with a friend and we met up that night. We couldn’t leave each other’s sides that entire weekend. I began driving to Miami twice a week to be with him. I ended up getting a job there for the weekends while I went to college during the week in Orlando. After I graduated a year later, we moved to NYC together. We’ve lived in NYC for almost 4 years together. I still can’t believe that I met my future husband in a bar in Miami the first night both him and I ever spent in Miami. It was love at first sight.


For my birthday this year he had to be in Miami for work to reopen that same restaurant and flew me down so I could spend my birthday with him. He spent my birthday away working while I hung out with our old roommate. He told me to meet him at the W for drinks before dinner.

My former roommate drove there and was trying to get to me on the beach to take pictures with the sun setting but I didn’ t want to because I was wearing heels. He insisted so as he walked me down the beach I found Michael sitting at a table for two at the edge of the beach with candles all around.

After I finally made my way to him already in tears he said this wasn’t for my birthday and got down on one knee and in his nervousness said “will you make me happy”. (He ended up asking the full question later of course!). I said yes and the beach erupted in applause.

After we had some champagne we walked up to the w to have  dinner and he said “you know what would make this night even more special? If our friends and family were here.” I turned the corner and my parents, aunt, sister and friends where there from orlando, his mom and grandma came from colorado and our friends from new york were all there to surprise me!  I burst into tears!

Michael actually didnt work the whole day and spent the day with my best friend picking people up from the airport and arranging the proposal. He surprised me with a private dining room in the dutch for all our family and friends and we had an amazing suite upstairs. It was the most special weekend of my life. Not only was it my birthday but it was where we met and fell in love and to have our family and friends there was the icing on the cake of the best birthday of my life.

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Miami Beach Proposal