Mia and Greg

Mia's Proposal in Grand Canyon National Park

How We Met

Greg and I met at a fancy cocktail bar in Houston, Texas. We talked for a couple of hours and then he asked if I wanted to grab dinner a few days later. I came down with a horrible fever the day of the dinner but hated to cancel on him. I didn’t want him to think that I was just backing out because I knew I really liked him! So, I ended up going to the dinner (fever and all) and just tried to play it cool. He was so nice and sweet to me, and ever since that dinner we have been inseparable. I remember going back home that night and telling my mom how cute I thought he was, how pretty I thought his eyes were (Greg has one blue eye and one green eye) and how I was in love! She thought I was crazy but when you know, you know!

how they asked

I’m a law student, so for my spring break, Greg wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. I had never been to a National Park, but he is a National Park expert due to Eagle Scouts and two Geology degrees. I didn’t really want to go there for spring break, but I could tell how excited he was at the thought of showing me around a National Park, so I reluctantly agreed. We ended up flying into Las Vegas for a couple of days and then driving to the Grand Canyon from there. The drive was beautiful, and I really started to get excited for the Grand Canyon. We ended up getting to the Canyon around 2 pm, and checked into the awesome El Tovar Hotel right on the South Rim. As soon as we dropped our bags in the room, he wanted to go on a walk around the rim of the Canyon. I wanted to relax for a second but apparently we were running behind for the photographer (obviously which I didn’t know) so he was really persistent. We ended up going on a walk, and stopping at a lookout point.

Proposal Ideas Grand Canyon National Park

The view was absolutely breath-taking. As we were taking a few selfies, Greg got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question in the world! I started crying of course but quickly got it together when I figured out we were being photographed. The pictures turned out gorgeous!

After the proposal and photography session, we sat there alone for a little while, just taking in the beautiful view and the happiness of the moment. He ended up having champagne waiting for us when we got back to the hotel and dinner reservations for us! It was so perfect and I can officially say I love National Parks.

Special Thanks

Terri Attridge