Mia and Tom

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

How We Met

Tom and I worked on the production of a tv show — a show we both almost didn’t take on for different reasons. Thankfully, the universe had its own plan for us. We met the Monday he started the show, and we went on our first date that Saturday. I had a policy of not dating anyone I worked with, so I was breaking the rules for Tom! It was only a month that we worked together before he had an obligation to another show, but we continued to date. We thought we had kept our relationship well under wraps, but apparently everyone knew — haha! I guess we couldn’t hide our chemistry. Appropriately, my mentor, who was also present at the time Tom and I met, will be the officiant at our wedding.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

how they asked

Tom and I were in Italy to visit his family, and he told me we were stopping in Venice for a night — a place where he and I have history. He’s quite sweet like that so my suspicion of a proposal didn’t arise. Tom and I took a walk down a canal before having a quiet dinner with a beautiful view of Venice. Midway through dinner, I noticed a photographer taking photos of us and then felt Tom take my left hand. I was in such shock that I didn’t say anything until I heard someone closeby whisper, “Is she going to answer him?” I blurted out, “Yes!” and we were suddenly wrapped up in a whirlwind of hugs and kisses, tears, applause, and champagne. I had realized that the photographer had been following us documenting the entire proposal. Tom and I closed out the evening dancing in St. Mark’s Square while a band played our favorite song, “Al Di La” where after translated means “I love you beyond the beyond.”

Mia and Tom's Engagement in Venice, Italy

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Special Thanks

Giovanni Pasinato
 | Photographer
Maria Clementel
 | Planning
Harry's Dolci
 | Venue
Mark Broumand
 | Jeweler