Mia and Steven

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How We Met

Steven and I met in middle school. He was the class clown and I always laughed at his jokes! Soon after meeting, we became inseparable and were best friends from 6th grade until 8th, when we told each other we liked each other a little bit more than just friends. It was also at the end of 8th grade that Steven told me he was moving, from our hometown in Colorado to Louisiana. We were devastated but also determined to make it work. We beat the odds and we stayed in a long distance relationship throughout high school. Those were the hardest 4 years of our relationship, but if we could go back and do it all again, we wouldn’t change a thing. Because those 4 years made our relationship the unbreakable one it is today. After high school, I moved to Louisiana for college! Living in the same town, and going to the same school, was a huge change for us but it felt great.

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how they asked

After 7 years of living one of the craziest and best love stories we’ve ever heard, Steven decided it was time to make this love story last a lifetime. He knew, since we were very young, that I only had one request for my future proposal: it has to be a huge surprise! He is a man of tradition and he was determined to ask my parents’ permission face to face, which meant planning a secret trip to Colorado without me finding out about any of it. So before Christmas 2017, Steven and his friends went on a “hunting trip.” Little did I know, the four of them drove all the way to Colorado and Steven talked with my parents and bought my ring in the span of two days. And all I ever knew was that Steven and his friends went on a hunting trip in South Louisiana and didn’t see anything! Flash forward to January 16th, 2018…. Class was canceled because it had SNOWED (which is very rare in our Louisiana town). Steven and I went to a park to enjoy the winter wonderland that reminded us of where we grew up and met in Colorado.

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And right there, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was shocked and so excited, and said yes of course (after first asking him if he was joking)! He also had texted my good friend (who is a photographer) earlier in the day, and she hid behind a bush and caught everything on camera! It was perfect in every way.

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Special Thanks

Carley Watkins
 | Photographer