Mia and Ryan

How We Met

We met in college at a small get together one night in January. It’s actually funny we didn’t meet earlier, because we were both close friends with the same exact people, but had gone over a year without crossing paths! When we finally did meet, it was instant chemistry. We hit it off that night, hung out a few more times with friends that same week, went on our first date just the two of us to Disneyland (perks of being annual pass holders!) and made it official within a month. The rest, as they say, is history!

Fun fact: I had seen her across campus a few times and watched her perform with her a cappella group all before we ever met, so I already had a huge crush on her. She’s a beautiful singer – a legend, as I called her the night we met – which definitely helped me break the ice.

How They Asked

Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous to finally pop the question. Not because I was afraid of how she might respond, but because, hey, it’s a pretty big moment! You don’t get any do-overs, and what could I say that could live up to the love we’ve shared for the past six years? But I think it turned out alright :)

We were in Italy with her whole family, and a small contingent of us (Mia, her sister, her two close friends and me) took a day trip to Cinque Terre, a beautifully scenic series of towns on the coast. As we hiked from one town to the next, we came upon a beautiful overlook and posed for a photo. But before she could keep on hiking, I told her I had something to ask her and got down on one knee.

Of course, this is after I had to dig around in my backpack for a minute, struggling to get the ring out. She got mad at me for taking too long to pose with her for the photo! What’s a proposal without a bit of misadventure, right? The most nerve-wracking part was getting the ring all the way to Italy without her noticing! I also convinced her to wear a dress on this hike, and somehow she still claims she didn’t suspect a thing.

Thankfully, she said yes! So I put my grandmother’s ring on her finger, my hands shaking from the nerves, and we finished the hike down into town to celebrate with pizza and Prosecco. When we made it back to the Villa we were staying at in the evening, her parents were waiting with more bubbly to celebrate as a whole family. Looking back, I wouldn’t have done it any differently!

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