Mia and Reed

Mia's Proposal in Delancey Street, Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

Reed and I met during high school. We went to different high schools in the suburbs of Philadelphia but would run into each other socially. At the time, we were totally uninterested in each other! I joke that I thought Reed was a “dumb jock.” After high school, we both went off to different colleges in Connecticut. After college, Reed moved to New York and I moved back to Philadelphia. It wasn’t until about 4 years after our college graduations that we bumped into each other at the infamous Whitebrier happy hour in Avalon, NJ during the summer. I quickly realized Reed wasn’t the dumb jock I once knew! After that, we were inseparable. Reed was still living in New York so we dated for about a year long-distance until Reed moved back to Philadelphia.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Delancey Street, Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, PA

How They Asked

Reed proposed to me on the Saturday before my 29th birthday. The Wednesday before the proposal, Reed forwarded me a (fake) work email that said Reed was invited to attend an event at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia and that significant others were welcome. Reed apologized that we would have to spend my “birthday weekend” at a work event, but he said it would be a great networking opportunity. Of course I agreed! Little did I know the whole email chain (with multiple emails and different email addresses) had been forged and it was all a ploy to get me to dress up for the big day!

As we were getting ready for the event on Saturday, Reed “forgot” his shoes and said he had to run down the street to pick them up from the shoe shine store. He told me to keep my phone on because he was expecting a fedex delivery. While I was getting ready, the “fedex” driver rang the doorbell to our apartment (meaning Reed pushed the buzzer and yelled into the microphone “fedex! fedex!” in a funny voice). I went down to the lobby, opened the door, and saw Reed with large posters and heard our song (La Vie En Rose – Louis Armstrong version) playing on a speaker. Reed proceeded to flip through the posters like in the movie, Love, Actually. At the end, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! I had no idea that the whole time, his friends were videotaping and taking pictures of the proposal. We will cherish those photos and videos forever! We live on a historic, tree-lined street and it was a beautiful spring day, so the setting was perfect.

After the proposal, Reed took me to dinner at the Union League of Philadelphia where, to my surprise, our parents, both of our grandmothers (who are in their 90s) and my sister were all there! We had a beautiful dinner. Afterwards, I thought the celebrations were over, but again Reed surprised me by taking us back to our apartment where our close friends were waiting! I couldn’t believe he had coordinated throwing a party without me knowing (he even cleaned!) and enlisted our friends to help set it up while we were at dinner! We partied the night away. It was hands down the best day of my life.

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