Mia and Mark

How We Met

First and foremost, we would like to thank Bumble for bringing a boy from Michigan and a girl from New York together in Indiana.

For those of you who are not familiar with Bumble, it is a dating app that presents users with a photo and short bio of a potential match to swipe right for “yes” and left for “no”. Should the pair match, the woman has to message the man first to initiate conversation.

Mia’s Bio (labeled with her given name) Said: “I will probably always like pizza more than I like you”

Mark’s Bio Said: “Data tech at South Bend Clay HS. Varsity Girls Basketball Coach”

*for anyone that knows the couple well, these bios are very accurate representations of their personalities.

What was Mia’s witty, memorable 1st message? Drum roll please…”Hey”.

During their first conversation, Mia lied 2 times. The first lie was when she said she knew where Berrien Springs was (she’d heard a story about the Berrien County Courthouse one time on the news) and the second lie was when she said she needed to switch to texting because bumble drained her battery (it didn’t, but she would notoriously forget to open the app for weeks on end, accidentally ignoring people and wanted to continue talking to Mark).

The two talked non stop for 4 days. In those conversations, Mark called soda “pop” and raved about mashed potatoes but he truly tamed his obsession with basketball quite well (until the first date, that is). Mia told her roommate, “I think I met my husband”, to which her roommate reminded her…”you haven’t actually met him”. Nevertheless, Mia was right.

Conversations about food, wine, SNL, the Bachelor, the Superbowl, and the Eagles (and various other sports teams, facts, and info that Mia can’t keep straight to this day) filled the first few days until their first date on February 7, 2017.

The first date can be summed up in just a few words: Fantastic Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Tickets (thanks to our good friend T), followed by Mia eating grilled cheese, good beer, and spontaneous Mulan karaoke…leaving Mark with about 2 hour of sleep before work the next morning. He says it was worth it.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Middle of the street - Downtown South Bend, Indiana

How They Asked

A few weeks prior to the proposal, Mia and best friend Mandy booked tickets for a Murder Mystery Dinner at a hotel in Downtown South Bend as a double date with Mark and Mandy’s fiance. Whether or not the guys were thrilled with this choice of evening activity is still unclear, but Mia and Mandy were not taking no for an answer.

After dinner, Mia was quite happy because she solved the case and won the mystery dinner! Mark, who was really the one that put together the last clue, leading to Mia’s win, began saying he wanted to go home to let the dogs out. Mia thought this was strange because they hadn’t been out for very long. Plus they’d decided earlier in the day that they weren’t going to stay out all night, but Winnie was still a small puppy and Mark insisted, so Mia dropped it.

Everyone went for a drink at a bar around the corner to wait for Mark to return, and when he got back Mandy began to say she wasn’t feeling well. She thought she might head home early. As they were getting ready to leave, Mia used the restroom and when she got back to the group, Mandy was magically all better. Unbeknownst to Mia, Mark flashed the ring to Mandy to prepare her for what was about to happen.

While Mia and Mark’s beloved pups, Winnie and Cooper, were probably thrilled to be let out earlier than expected, the real reason Mark went to “let the dogs out” was to get the ring he’d hidden in plain sight. He didn’t have the ring with him because he actually planned on proposing the next day, but in his own words, he “called an audible” because he knew the right time was that evening. He thought that Mia might start catching on the next day based on how “planned” things were, which is not typical of Mark. And while he didn’t exactly have a plan for that evening, the most important part for him was to make sure Mia had absolutely no clue what was about to happen.

As the four walked to one of their favorite bars, The Whiskey Exchange, Mia said she wanted to take a picture under the beautiful lights hanging through the street. Aside from the spark of excitement in Mandy’s eyes when Mia suggested this, there were no other indications of what was about to happen. In fact, earlier that evening, Mia told Mark there was no way he actually had a ring when he teased her about getting engaged.

Mark and Mia went in the middle of the street to catch a moment without cars and Mandy snapped the picture. Mia began to walk back to the sidewalk. Mark stayed put and Mandy quickly babbled that the photo was blurry. Looking out for cars, like the cautious person Mia is, she grumbled and returned to the middle of the road for the retake. After about 30 seconds she asked Mark why they were still on the road – it is dangerous! And after a hilarious small shove back to make room to get down on his knee, Mark popped the question in the middle of the street. Mia is pretty sure the only thing she said was “ARE YOU FOR REAL??” and Mark took that as a “yes”.

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