Mia and Joseph

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How We Met

Joey and I met through a friend, at the moment I was totally not interested. Never contacted him thinking okay…I’m sure i won’t hear from him again. Few weeks later, I get an Instagram notification saying I have a direct message….yes it was Joey. He was saying how cool it would be to be able to get to know me and gave me his number. I thought, alright he’s really putting himself out there and hasn’t gave up. We would text day and night, getting to know each other.

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Joey had asked me on a few dates but, I stood him up…not once but three times. After that third time I thought he was probably really annoyed with me (understandable) One night I actually called him and asked him if he wanted to meet for lunch in 15 minutes. He didn’t even question it and said that would be awesome! We met up and WOW….what was I thinking standing this guy up multiple times. We hit it off right off the bat and I was so thankful for him being so patient and persistent with me. Since then, we have been each others adventure buddies and best friends.

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how they asked

Ever since my birthday trip back in November 2015 at Zion National Park in Utah. Zion has been one of my favorite places! Since we’re from Southern California, the beautiful big red rocks have always been so mesmerizing. Joey’s birthday was on July 8th and he planned a trip with all of our best friends to go to Zion for the weekend. Little did I know, he would pop the question. We woke up Sunday at 4 in the morning to hike Angels Landing at sunrise! It’s one of our favorite hikes (the view is jaw dropping) so we wanted to get it done before the crowd and heat came out to play. I was feeling a tad under the weather from a cold, so Joey carried me up 50% of the hike on his back.

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I know, he’s the best! We finally got to the top and all of us just sat and took in the view for a little. All of us started taking pictures, so I asked Joey if we could take some really quick. Usually he doesn’t mind at all but he started acting a little weird and said hold on, kind of running off lol. I waited while taking to my best friend and then he comes up and says “ok, lets go take them down over here..I think it would look cool.”

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We start walking down and I feel his heart RACING and I instantly think, omg he’s about to propose isn’t he?! Joey never gets nervous!

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We get down there and start taking pictures and Joey turned around telling my how beautiful the view is and how much he loves me (stumbling across his words) then, BOOM gets on one knee and asks me to marry him!

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Best moment ever because once we hug and take in this exact moment, I look up and realize about 25 people are sitting watching and just start clapping/cheering us on. It was awesome! So happy our best friends were there to celebrate and witness this moment in our life! Thank you Joey, the proposal was so….us.

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Special Thanks

Andrew Brady
 | Photographer