Mia and Joseph

How We Met

My fiancé came across my instagram in late 2015. He asked me every weekend for 3 months to go on a date with him. Finally he asked me if he should just give up hope. I consulted with my mom and she said I should just go out for one drink. The first date together was the best date I had ever had. I couldn’t stop thinking about him afterwards. Mother ALWAYS knows best.

how they asked

On April 7, 2017 my best friend got down on one knee… on the edge of the Grand Canyon. For his 31st birthday I decide to plan a trip to Arizona, my favorite place in the country. During this trip I told him that we had to see the Grand Canyon because it is breathtaking. On the 4 hour drive up to the nation state park, we stopped in Flagstaff, AZ to grab breakfast and I joked to him, “we should just get married while we’re out here”. Little did I know he had a ring in his pocket! While walking around the rim, he said let’s have someone take our picture. He had secretly switched the phone into video-mode so the stranger captured the whole proposal! What a magical moment!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Mia and Joseph's Engagement in The Grand Canyon, Arizona

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