Mia and Jay

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How We Met

Jay and I had overlapping friend circles for quite some time, it just was never in the cards for us to formally meet. So for years off and on Jay was just the super handsome guy that came around every now and then. Our group of friends got on a bowling kick and it was becoming a weekly thing. Lucky for me this particular outing Jay had decided to come. I could feel it in my bowling shoes that everything was about change! I decided to pull our mutual friend Dani to the side and ask for the scoop on Jay and see if he was seeing any one. She quickly replied with an overly excited “NO! WHY??” After having to convince her there was no reason why and finally getting her to promise she wouldn’t say anything, I didn’t even get to finish my turn before I spotted her pulling Jay to the side and chatting. I knew there was no going back now. We finished up our games where I pulled out all the stops and did my best “strike” dance when given the opportunity to showcase my sweet skills. On the way out someone suggested getting a bite to eat. I was down for anything that meant more time to get to know Jay better. We all agreed on a spot and got in our cars to head there, Jay and I arrived first only to realize the joke was on us. We waited awhile for everyone else to show up before we came to the conclusion that they had pulled a fast one on us. We grabbed a table, ordered and figured we would make the most of the situation. About 30 minutes into our surprise mini date our group all came strolling in together with guilty looks plastered all over their faces. We all hung out for a couple of hours before calling it a night. Jay and I exchanged numbers and the rest is history! We decided we should go on an official first date and this time it was Jay’s turn to pull out all the stops. He borrowed his dads brand new truck to pick me up and make a good impression. Little did he know, he could of shown up in a clown car and I wouldn’t of cared less. We spent the evening surrounded by good food and great conversation. From that moment forward we both knew we were in it for the long haul! When it came time for Jay to make us official he enlisted the help of my friend Chelsea. He arranged for us to meet them for a double date (this time he picked me up in his own truck, he already knew he had me hooked lol). When I got in the truck he started complaining about how there was nothing good on the radio. He took a CD from the glove box threw it in the CD player and gave me the case telling me to pick a song. I flipped the case over to check my selection only to find a hand written letter had been inserted into the case. The letter was telling me how amazing I was and how happy I had made him in the time we had been spending together. At the end of the letter It asked me to be his girlfriend, if my answer was yes I was to lean in and give him a kiss. However, if my answer was no I was supposed to jump out of the truck and he would not be stopping for me! I had no choice but to say yes! We have spent the last 6 years together with ups, downs, laughs, tears, and countless games of paper, rock scissors to make any important decisions. We are far from your mushy story book romance couple and have more fun picking on each other and trying to prove the other person wrong! We are complete opposites. Jay is a realist and I like to live in fairy princess land but we balance each other out. Where I lack in strengths he excels and where he struggles I make up for. We complete each other and together are just two people who would stop at nothing to give each other the world!

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how they asked

Jay decided that he wanted to go fishing so we made plans to meet our friends Chelsea and Kurtis up at Rose Canyon on Sunday. The Saturday before Jay ran around like a mad man collecting fishing poles, getting bait, and making sure we had everything we would need. We realized at about 9:30 pm I needed my fishing license so we made a quick Walmart run. Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed up the mountain. As soon as we got there every thing that could go wrong did. When we arrived we didn’t have correct change to pay the pass for the day so we started off the day over paying. Then we gathered up the stuff and made our way to the lake only to discover someone had nabbed his favorite spot. After we settled for a second rate spot, we unpacked and set up. I got my quick tutorial on “how it works” and we were fishing! Not even two casts in I managed to break the rod and had to call Jay in to fix it. He switched poles with me and started to fix the broken one. Before he could finishing fixing the first one I had managed to break another. This cycle repeated about four or five times. I realized Jay wasn’t even getting the opportunity to fish and I was feeling horrible! Chelsea had decided to take a stab at fishing and had grabbed the extra pole. After a few casts she informed us she had managed to tangle the line as well and Jay asked if I could try to help her out.This seemed like it was going to be the fishing trip from hell! After a minute or so of me not being much help Jay told me to come take over his pole he had just cast and he would fix Chelsea’s pole. As I slowly reeled in the line Jay had come up to my side and began to tell me there was a reason we were out there. In true Mia fashion, completely oblivious to what was about to happen I reassured him I knew we were there to catch some fish. As the line got closer and closer I noticed there was something attached to the line and as I looked to Jay to ask what it was he had gotten down on one knee. I began to panic and reeled in the line as fast as I could in fear that the ring would be lost in the lake for ever. Jay reassured me it was ok and that he had the ring in his pocket. As I tossed the pole to the side and tried to fight back the tears Jay started to ask me the most magical question I had ever heard. He reassured me that I was the only one for him and that he had wasted enough time. As he began to tell me that out of all the fish in the sea, I quickly interrupted and reminded him we weren’t at sea we were at a lake! He rolled his eyes and asked if he could finish and corrected his “error” by telling me that out of all the fish in the lake I was his perfect catch! I was so shocked and after crying and hugging him we awkwardly stared at each other not sure what to do next. He told me he would be happy to give me the ring but I hadn’t answered him yet! The word Yes has never left my lips faster then that moment. I was so surprised and it was absolutely perfect! We spent the rest of the day fishing where I managed to catch the only fish of the day but it is safe to say it wasn’t the best catch of the day!

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