Mia and Chris

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

How We Met

We met when we were 6 years old when we were in the same 2nd grade class and on the same tee ball team. I moved away when I was 8 and we found each other again through mutual friends when we were 17. We went to each others prom together, experienced our teenage years together, turned 21 together, helped each other through college, and worked our butts off to start our careers. We share a passion for traveling and Chris couldn’t have made our engagement any more perfect!

how they asked

We decided to plan a trip to Italy over Thanksgiving since we each had additional days off from work. Chris planned for us to go to Venice for our first full day in Italy and I’m so happy he did! Venice is known as the city of love and he insisted that we treat ourselves to a nice dinner since we missed Thanksgiving dinner with our families. So we dressed our best and were on our way to Venice! When we were on the ferry going to Venice, Chris said he found a beautiful canal online that we should try to find. Google maps helped us find the bridge over a beautiful canal. We’re millennials so of course we were taking selfies when a woman asked us if we wanted her to take our picture. Of course we said yes and she took our picture. She had a camera around her neck and she said she was a professional photographer and asked if we wanted a professional picture that she could e-mail to us. Again of course we said yes and as we stood next to one another to pose for the picture Chris reached into his pocket inside of his coat and started to go down on one knee. My eyes teared up and I actually whispered, “You’re not doing this right now?!” Chris laughed and said, “Mia, will you marry me?” I cried and cried until I forgot I still hadn’t said yes! I screamed “Yes! YES! YES!!” Little did he know that I bought a love lock back home and packed it in my bag. The first time I was in Europe I realized that if you ever cross a bridge there is most likely a love lock on it. As if the proposal wasn’t special enough, we were able to put our own love lock on the bridge he proposed to me on.

Venice will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will remember it as the place my best friend asked to share our lives together forever. *Please excuse my ugly cry face!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

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