Mia and Brendan

How We Met

As the now fiance says, ‘We found love in a hopeless place’ – thank you, Rihanna, for the words to live by. Brendan and I met at a job that both of us were dreading but little did we know we would end up getting more than either of us bargained for, each other. Both recovering from failed relationships – myself putting up every wall and him trying to forget the past. Due to my wavering belief that I deserved someone who would love me I missed every flirt and smile he threw at me. After removing myself from the job I didn’t love is when I allowed myself to say – why not. I thank God every day for Brendan’s persistence. It didn’t take long for us to see that we were both struggling with the issues of our past relationships. Yet through it all, trust and love were built to move along the bumps. His first love is football and my first love is Disney. He embraced my constant chatter of Disney magic and car sing-a-longs while I learned the rhythm and lingo of fall sports. Finally saying ‘I love you’ to this man, I knew I found my prince charming.

I am happy to say that I was able to make Brendan’s first Disney World trip happen in the fall of 2018. He was not hard to convert to the world of magic. While there, I continued to drop my not so subtle hints that I want to say ‘yes’ in from of Cinderella’s castle. All he could do was roll his eyes due to it being the billionth time he had heard that phrase since starting to date in 2014. I was secretly hoping that during the trip he would pop the question, alas we came back home for me to start planning another trip for 2019.

How They Asked

Fast forward to a vacation with my parents to Disney in October 2019. I was bummed that he couldn’t come back with me, but nothing was keeping me from the mouse. Halfway into our trip, on a Wednesday morning, we headed to the Magic Kingdom. Nothing seemed amiss and my parents suggested pictures in front of the castle. Not one to turn down photos at my favorite place, we marched our way to wait in line. We proceeded to get some family shots in front of the castle and then the Photopass photographer suggest some solo pictures. Again, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I started taking a few pictures and the photographer then asked if I could turn around and look at Cinderella’s castle…

Where to Propose in Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom

At first, my gaze went directly to the beauty of the castle only then for my brain to realize that Brendan was kneeling in front of me with a ring box open. CUE ALL THE WATERWORKS. My dream was being fulfilled in front of my eyes by my prince charming. That moment in time will always feel so surreal, and the best day ever to date. I come to find out that Brendan, my family, and friends had been planning this in secret for 7 MONTHS.

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No one will ever be able to tell me that Disney magic doesn’t exist. I can not wait to return as husband and wife and continue to create the most magical memories.