Alina and David's Metal Detector Marriage Proposal

EDP-57551How We Met: “We met back in summer 2011, but at that time we were both in a relationship with someone else (eventually we ended our relationships around the same time of that year).

One of his best friends started dating my oldest sister that summer so we would meet throughout the months either through my sister’s FaceTime dates with his best friend or when I would go to Ohio.

Then his best friend proposed to my sister and we were placed in the wedding together in the summer 2013. He broke his ankle right before the wedding but insisted he would be in it so we can be together.

We started growing a big crush on each other throughout this time but he never knew that I liked him and I never knew that he would like me. During the week of the wedding, he came over and stayed at my house a lot and tried to make conversation with me. We got to know each other very well and started liking each other more.

After the wedding, he came back to Florida with his family to meet my family and to get my family’s blessing and asked me to be his girlfriend on June 22, 2013. We later found out that that was exactly two years after we really met in 2011. We have been dating long distance this whole time, visiting each other almost every month.

how they asked- In mid July of 2015, my parents planned to go on a vacation to Europe and I planned to go with them. The weekend before our trip, David wanted to visit me in FL. We had a great weekend together. He nonchalantly asked me to go on a romantic dinner date for our last night together before I leave to Europe for a month. He made reservations with me through the phone so I had no suspicion that he would propose since he didn’t make reservations on his own. We went to a very pretty restaurant right on the bay. After that, he asked to go to the pier.

So we went, but the pier was closed and there was no beach access allowed. I mentioned to go home, but he really wanted to go. So, we got on the beach and there was a metal detector lying randomly on the sand. David kept saying to take it and use it. But I didn’t want to, thinking it was someone else’s. He really wanted to use it. I told him, “what are you gonna find on this beach? GOLD?


Yea, right..” and he replied with a “maybe”. So he was looking and something started beeping and he digs up a box. HE FOUND SOME REAL GOLD..A ROSE GOLD DIAMOND RING… By the time I turn around, he is getting down on one knee and pops the big question.




I SAID YES OF COURSE! He hired a photographer to capture the special moment & we had a proposal shoot session and my family came after to congratulate me.



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