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For as long as I can remember, I have always had the idea of somehow getting a note in a bottle to wash up on the shore at the precise moment the woman I wanted to marry was standing there. It wasn’t easy and I had to enlist the help of many wonderful people to pull it all off, but the result was well worth it. Originally I had planned to pull it off when we were walking on the beach together, but through some planning and conversation with those in cahoots, we collectively decided it would be more fun if she didn’t even know I was there. The added bonus to this was that I got to watch everything unfold from a distance.

The note washed up just as planned and the first piece of a poem I had written was revealed. She was then sent on what I can only imagine was a nerve racking walk all the way down the pier, knowing full well what was at the end of it. She was as beautiful as ever when she arrived and I was so very excited to finally ask her to marry me. It was a day we will never forget, and Jenna Petersen is to thank for documenting it all.

how they asked: her side

“I was under the impression that this Wednesday was just a fun adventure for my girls bible study group. We always have girls study at my house on Wednesday’s and on this particular week our group leader mentioned having the study at the beach and watching the sunset. I didn’t think anything of it, because in the past conversations about potential proposals Sean always said he didn’t want a crowd, and it would just be he and I.

So we parked the car, met up with the girls and grabbed a spot to the left of the pier at San Clemente. We talked and prayed and talked some more and then my friend Kristin popped up and said ‘Let’s go to the water.’ All of us stood up and walked to the rocky shore, running away from the freezing waves and enjoying each others company. Next thing I know, one of the girls yells, “It’s a message in a bottle!” At that moment I knew, don’t ask my why, but I knew it.

I was handed the bottle, removed the stopper and pulled out a piece of parchment that had a poem written on it. I read the poem to myself and couldn’t stopped smiling or giggling. They asked me what it said and all I could utter was, ‘It’s a poem.’ in the highest pitch I’ve ever spoken in I might add. Next a good friend of ours Jonathan came walking down the beach all dressed up with another poem. After I finished reading that sweet and touching note, I was told to continue up towards the pier.

Message in a Bottle Marriage Proposal

My heart was racing and I was the most excited I think I’ve ever been in my life. In the middle of the pier another one of our good friends Matt was sitting, holding another note for me to read.


I was speechless. Each was filled with words of love and hope for our relationship and the thankfulness to Jesus for His work in each of our lives individually and together.


After reading it, Matt told me to keep walking down the pier. I couldn’t see the end because there was a building on the right, but right before I reached the end, I saw him walking. Walking towards me with the fourth and final poem.


“For at this time there’s so much more. For you alone whom I adore. I’ll take your hand and might you be my wife someday and marry me. For it would be a holy hallelujah.”


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message in a bottle proposal

Joy filled my body, heart and soul as he bent to one knee and ask me ‘Natascia… Will you marry me.’ and I said ‘YES!!!’”

Message in a Bottle Marriage Proposal in Southern California


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