Merysta and Ethan

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How We Met

We met on Instagram. We went at the same college and he also worked there. Few weeks before I found him on hashtag, I had bought an alma mater t-shirt and posted a pic with the same hashtag as when he posted a pic of his first day of work which was at Academic Student Center. I was just there that day, so I commented on the pic he posted and from there we started talking, went on dates and we are getting married!!!

how they asked

He put together a treasure hunt as our anniversary gift which was a cruise to the Bahamas. I had no idea that was something more than just an anniversary gift. On November 26th, 2016 (anniversary date), we went on a karaoke night and I thought we were going to sing a duet song. Little did I know, he went on the stage singing our favorite song “Who are you when I am not looking” by Blake Shelton by himself. He called me up on stage and expressed how he feels about me, and WOW! he pulled out a small box which I thought it was just earrings or something lol but nope! it was a RING! He went down on one knee and said, “Merysta, will you marry me?” I was so surprised and had to pause and looked twice to make sure that was a ring :p and I said HECK YEAH!! :)

I am so grateful for him. Starting from a comment on instagram and now we are here, GETTING MARRIED! <3

God is good.

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