Meryll and Trent

How We Met: Trent and I both went to the same highImage 1 of Meryll and Trent school. We had the same home room sinceFreshman year but didn’t become close friends until Junior year where shared some other classes together.

In our history class, we took a field trip to the WWI museum/Union Station/Crown Center in Kansas City. It was during this field trip that we developed feelings for each other. We became “official” in October of Senior Year and we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked: Now (almost) six years later, he popped the question!!! Trent and I both went to college in Kansas City, and we both really enjoyed doing fun things around the city.

I had recently returned from Texas when Trent and I planned a fun date around the city. I had been expecting him to propose for a while and Trent knew that in order to surprise me, it had to seem spontaneous.

We “planned” the date just a couple days in advance (His plan all along was to make it seem like I had planned the date myself) and decided to do some of our favorite things in the city before I was to leave again.

Image 2 of Meryll and Trent

So we started the date at Nelson Atkins Art Museum and gradually migrated to our favorite KC restaurant. After dinner, we ended up walking to all the places that we went to during our Junior Year field trip.

Image 3 of Meryll and Trent

As we were walking to our last destination, Liberty Memorial, Trent paused, took a picture, and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After I said yes, Trent then told me that my parents and sister were there as well. It was the perfect proposal!

Image 4 of Meryll and Trent

Image 5 of Meryll and Trent

Special Thanks

Patricia Pampolina
 | Photographer