Meryem and Eren

How We Met

We are from Berlin and are 6 years together. We have been together since March 9th, 2012. Our anniversary is always a special occasion which we spend always together. Originally it was planned that we go for our 6th anniversary to the cinema and have a beautiful Dinner in Kurfürstendamm. Like every year I took a leave of absence on the March 9th, 2018. However, my friend called me on Wednesday evening and told me that I will not work on March 8th, 2018 (he secretly took a leave of absence for me). I did not understand anything. On Thursday morning, he came to my family for breakfast with a traveling bag. This has annoyed me even more because I didn’t want to go walking on our anniversary Later it turned out that was my anniversary present was a spontaneous journey to Italy Venice. I must say that this was our 1st journey during 6 years of relationship. Surely everyone can imagine how happy I was. I was it such a beautiful surprise – nothing else to my luck needed.

how they asked

On anniversary day March 9th, 2018, we had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel and I was asked what I would like to do during this special day. I wanted to see the city. My friend reminds me that we could take some beautiful photos, too.

Image 1 of Meryem and Eren

After our sightseeing tour, we planned to change our clothes and go for a romantic dinner in front of the Grand Canal. It became strange after I noticed that my Boyfriend didn’t enjoy his meal and finished way to quick. Instead, he wanted to take some last pictures before sunset under the bridge Rialto. So we went to Rialto to take some pictures. At this moment he looked at me and asked: do you think this the only surprise for you? And went to his knees. I answered with a counterquestion: What do you mean?

Image 2 of Meryem and Eren

Suddenly the one and only question which changed my whole life was there: Do you want to marry me? My legs have trembled and I thought I would be dreaming. There was only one right answer to this question: Yes, I do! At this moment people all around us clapped loud and took even pictures on the bridge above us. It was the most beautiful day of my life.