Meryem and Andrea

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Australia was always the most charming place for me. Deep inside, I had always dreamt about having my wedding proposal there.

One day my future husband and I decided to spend our new year’s holiday there.I was excited but I was not aware of what was going to happen.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve in Sydney. After 4 days in Sydney we flew to the Whitsundays Islands where my fairy tale started.

Every second we spent in that magical Island was unforgettable: beautiful long beaches, tropical fruits, koalas, kangaroos, shiny mornings and delightful afternoons, romantic dinners and refreshing nights.

However the big surprise was at the end. The last day I woke up to a dream. My future husband had booked a helicopter tour to the Great Barrier Reef.

The tour was amazing, we flew over the Reef including the beautiful Heart Reef for more than an hour and then landed on White Heaven Beach. Our helicopter driver prepared a picnic for us, left a bottle of champagne, some fruit and an umbrella before leaving us alone. We were the only people in that paradisiac Island. We took pictures and run around in that fantastic beach. Since I was enjoying the moment I drew a little heart shape on the sand. He asked me to wait for him in the heart shape that I had drawn and a second after I found him standing on one knee and asking me to marry him. I said YES without even thinking a second while I was shaking and crying. That was the happiest moment of my life. Every passing day makes me understand that was the best Yes of my life.