Meron and Isaac

Image 1 of Meron and Isaac

how they asked

It was the perfect proposal. Isaac was fluent in his Amharic that day, even spelled out “tagebinyaleshi” with flowers to ask me to marry him in my native language. Amharic is the main language spoken in Ethiopia. He shocked me to every little detail he perfectly planned that meant something to us plus recording it so we can laugh back at our candid moments (had to cut out a few to share on social media lol).

Image 2 of Meron and Isaac

Did I mention he got down on one knee despite the recent surgery he just had on his ankle where all the things he was doing was super difficult to manoeuver? I’m blown away, so overwhelmed with love, so lucky to have found my perfect partner and soulmate. This is a day I will never forget. So lucky to call him my fiancé.

Image 3 of Meron and Isaac

Image 4 of Meron and Isaac