Merissa and Byron

How We Met

We met during school. He was homeschooled and I was in a public school. He caught the eye of me on a golf course while he was playing with his best friend, who happened to go to the same school as me. Friend wingmaned and got my number to him. Good old Facebook did the rest!

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How They Asked

Years past( and I mean YEARS!), country after country that we visited together (always looked my best, of course, waiting for the question to pop!) but nothing! Finally, after 9 years of dating, we visited Ireland where his family stays and he took me to a waterfall. I obviously didn’t “expect” anything to happen as I got my hopes up every other time we went somewhere romantic… next thing you know we took a little detour from the trail around the waterfall and found a magical field full of waist-high ferns.

I was taking in the beauty and I hear a shuffle behind me and as I turn around, Mr 9 years and waiting, is on one knee and nervous as hell! So nervous he didn’t say anything… eventually, we both crying with no words audible, he manages a “ is that a yes?” And I respond “but you haven’t asked me anything!” of course he asks me to marry him and I said YAS.

He slipped that beautiful ring on my finger and we took some classic engagement excitement photos. We decided to hang around a little, alone in the forest of ferns, taking in this special moment. Once we step out I just see phones in the distance, huge smiles and tears running down his families faces. We went on to explore more of Ireland’s beauty, showcasing the “new family member” in all the photos!