Merideth and Mike

How They Asked

Mike had been planning to propose to Merideth for a long while, that was expected. What he wasn’t expecting was to have to deal with COVID-19 and shelter in place orders while planning it!

Mike was all set with plans pre-COVID suddenly was finding himself without reservations and with favorite restaurants no longer in operation, no real excuses to leave the house, and a girlfriend always around making it really hard to make plans without her overhearing.

When I spoke with Mike he shared with me that spending so much time with his girlfriend in close quarters during quarantine had just solidified his desire to marry her.

He shared with me that no matter the challenges were he wanted to make sure that he could not only propose but surprise and delight her while he asked. Something that was looking harder and harder as the days went on…

After many secret phone calls with myself, the jeweler, her best friend, and parents, he had a plan. He decided that he could use his birthday as a reason to get her out of the house and that he could ask her if because it was his birthday that they could have an evening out.

With the logistics coordination of a small military operation, it was planned! They would “take the dog for a walk” and her best friend and the photographer (myself) would be hiding in the bushes waiting for him to ask on a beautiful lakefront trail on a gorgeous spring day. The lake trail had a lovely view of downtown Cleveland as well lake Erie all around. She had NO idea what he had planned and was SO excited as he dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.



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