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How We Met

First, we met in Atlantic City on his birthday August 2017. We both happened to stay at the Harrah’s. He likes to call me the ‘best present he’s ever gotten’. I went with my girlfriends. His friends and he had knocked on our door to see if we wanted to all get together. I didn’t know guys called dibs on women so apparently he wanted to speak to me though, and was afraid to. We all went to the casino, he never had really gambled so I had told him to start off with the easy slots and he gave me $10 and said “can you do it with me?” So we started talking and lasted till about 5am about everything and anything two people could possibly talk about. The convo just flowed, you just know when you know that a person is alike you in so many ways you didn’t even know about yourself. We both had left the next day and exchanged phone numbers, parted ways, yet akwardly saw each other again in the lobby getting breakfast to go. We had said we’d both text each other after that, but I didn’t think it would happen especially when two people exchange numbers it doesn’t always happen so I decided I couldn’t wait to just text him that it was great meeting him. He instantly texted me back saying, “he was so lucky to have met me, and as weird as it sounded it felt like love at first sight and he would marry meThen we started talking through text, finally made plans that next weekend of me giving in with his very persistent emotions of wanting to see me so bad and we’re inseparable ever since then.

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how they asked

About a year later, June 30th 2018, he had said he wanted to take me to a nice dinner, but played it off as it wasn’t a big deal. We ended up getting there and he was acting very anxious the entire time we got in the car to getting to the restaurant. We arrived at this very fancy Spanish restaurant and valeted. Went inside got drinks before dinner and were seated. The owner had come up to us since it was new place and was very sweet making sure we were having a good time. Around dessert, I had said I was going to the bathroom and he got very upset saying to sit down and wait till “after dessert I can go”. About 5 minutes later, they came with my dessert and moved it over to the side and I didn’t get why, with a huge fruit statue with a box sitting on top. He took the box and got on his knee. The entire restaurant knew it was happening and started clapping and had turned down the music. It was magical. After we took pictures outside along with fireworks followed. It was the best night of my life with my best friend to spend life with.

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