Meredith and Tom

How We Met

With the hustle and bustle of daily life and countless unsuccessful dates, Kathleen (Meredith’s older sister) talked her into signing up for eHarmony. She said “One of my attorney friends found his wife through eHarmony and had nothing but good things to say about it, so why not give it try?” So after hours of answering numerous questions and uploading a few photos Meredith’s profile was up. It only took 3 short weeks to have her profile matched with Tom. He was tall, handsome, adventurous, and had a sense of humor. They started messaging each other and found out they had a lot more in common. After a few days Tom gave Meredith his phone number and they set up their first date. Meredith had always wanted to go the McNay Art Museum in downtown San Antonio and they just happened to have an event that Thursday with live music, food trucks, and of course art. Meredith suggested the event to Tom and he was on board. Meredith got there early to look around and get a map of all the different galleries. Tom showed up a few minutes late (there was no more parking on grounds and had to park on the street a few blocks away). From the first moment she saw him from across the lawn she thought, “OMG! Is that him? He’s so handsome and taller than I thought. Oh I really hope that’s him.” And guess what…IT WAS! They spent their first date getting to know each other more, talking about their families and such, listening to a local band out on the lawn, and eating mini burgers from a food truck. Tom insisted Meredith try his Gobstopper burger that was topped with peanut butter and jelly. She did and it was surprisingly not terrible. As the night progressed Tom and Meredith both agreed this was the best first date they had been on…EVER! They confessed they wanted to see each other again…HOW ABOUT TOMORROW?

Image 1 of Meredith and Tom

how they asked

Hands down the most memorable trip taken together was to Florida’s Disney World this March. Tom and Meredith both grew up loving everything Disney and had both been to the park with their families before but this trip was quite magical. They couldn’t wait for their visit to the Magic Kingdom. The night before Meredith asked Tom if he was planning to bring a backpack into the park the following morning (possibly hinting at whether or not a certain box with a certain sparkly object might be hidden within). Tom right away said he wasn’t planning on taking a backpack. Meredith said ok and asked another question or two hinting at a possible proposal but no luck. The next morning Tom and Meredith got up super early to arrive to the Magic Kingdom right when the park opened. The morning was a very cold 45 degrees unlike typical sunny and warm Florida weather (so much for the matching t-shirts, time to bring out the jackets). As soon as they got into the park Meredith wanted to take a picture in front of the castle in their Frozen themed “We finish each other’s SANDWICHES” t-shirts. They found a pair of cast members to take their picture. Just as the cast member was handing back Tom his phone he asked if she could take one more picture and got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket and proposed to Meredith! And she said…YES! To make the trip even sweeter the two cast members taking the pictures were also in charge of selecting the grand marshals for the afternoon parade. Guess who was chosen? That’s right Tom and Meredith got to be the grand marshals the parade and treated like Disney royalty the rest of the day!

Image 2 of Meredith and Tom