Meredith and Nicholas

How We Met

He was the newest member of my best friend’s band. He was cute and I wanted to get to know him. But he had a girlfriend and I was also in a relationship. We began talking and had gotten close over the years, although, life often took us in different directions. Our relationship took a turn one summer and he took me on our first date to a drive-in movie to see Rio. That date was followed by more dates. He spent the summer asking me to be his girlfriend though I resisted. Then he showed up at my house with flowers on the day I was leaving for my senior year of college and asked me one last time. Over the next seven years, we would experience a lot including two graduations, four new jobs, the passing of very important loved ones and the birth of our beautiful daughter. And now an engagement!

how they asked

We met with our very good friends, who happen to be photographers, for our daughter’s birthday pictures. We began with the usual family pictures around the preserve. We had planned ahead for a picture with our daughter in her Cinderella dress and all her other dresses in the background.

As they began to take the pictures, we were asked to go into the background of the shot. Then he looked at me and said “you know I love you” and got on one knee while our friends captured the moment. Our daughter sat innocently in her beautiful dress as the man of my dreams asked me to marry him. It was truly picture perfect.

Special Thanks

Alex Ferkh
Chelsea Ferkh