Meredith and Matthew

How We Met

Matthew and I lived in the same dorm our first semester at UNF. Since it was an honors dorm the entire dorm knew each other. I had a crush on him long before he even knew who I was. Although he says the moment he saw me he knew he had to get to know me. Everyone was always hanging out in big groups so it made It hard to just hang out with him. We had Physics together but he always sat in the front and I sat way in the back. One day I walked into Physics and he was sitting in my seat. He said he needed Physics tutoring because he was too busy studying for Calc or something. So I started teaching him Physics and we started hanging out. One of our friends asked if she could be our flower girl at our wedding and I laughed because I barely even knew him! Who knew! I knew he was the one when he ended up with the higher grade in Physics (; He never even needed the help!

Proposal Ideas Oldest House in St. Augustine, FL

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Oldest House in St. Augustine, FL

how they asked

Ever since I first heard about the shoot months before I knew this would be my perfect opportunity to propose. I ran the Idea by some of my family members and some close friends and got some good reviews so I decided I would go with it. I like to spend every minute with Meredith so I was worried that if I got the ring too early she would find it. As it is, she guessed I might propose to her at the shoot, but I assured her that I wasn’t and told her it was because I had not asked for her father’s blessing (which I had done a few days before). I waited until 4 days until the proposal to get the ring. When I went to get it, I told the jeweler her ring size and they told me it would not be possible to resize the ring to fit her itsy bitsy fingers. I was crushed. I started worrying so much, I immediately started searching for new rings. I had never been so worried. Luckily my family was in town so we were pillaging all of the jewelry stores to find the right one. Finally, we found one two days later and I picked it up on my way to the shoot! During the shoot I didn’t want to keep the ring on me because I was sure it would be too noticeable so I left it in my bag. The shoot went well and right before it ended I asked Alondra (the photographer) if it would be okay if I proposed. She whole heartedly welcomed it, so now everything is in place.

After the shoot Meredith wanted to get out of her dress and I started wondering how I would be able to get the ring and come back down. We all ended up going back to our little base and Alondra could see that I was kind of in a pickle, as I started to ramble she said, “Oh we need some shots of you holding the cake!” (This saved my life). I got the ring and followed them back outside. We took a few pictures with the cake and then Alondra said that she wanted a few more of us. I started whispering little things to Meredith about stuff from when we first started dating. She shushed me and said, ”Matthew they are trying to take pictures.”

I smiled and then got down on one knee and asked Meredith to marry me :)

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Alondra Vega
 | Photographer