Meredith and Mark

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Austin High School Orchestra's Winter Concert

How We Met

Mark and I met 10 years ago in high school orchestra. He was a senior and I was a freshman. He likes to tell people that we switched from viola to bass to sit by me. I’m not sure if that’s really the case but either way he caught my eye. After he graduated I continued to see him when he would come home and volunteer at our church youth group. I, being the young freshman, never caught on to his flirting. Years went by and fast forward to 2 summers ago and I see him pop up on my Facebook as someone I may know. I thought hey I remember him and how he always made me laugh and smile. I requested him and wishing 5 minutes he had messaged me. We talked and caught up all day. It only took a few messages back and forth for him to ask me out on a date. from then in we’ve been at each other’s side. He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him.

Where to Propose in Austin High School Orchestra's Winter Concert

how they asked

Mark is so sweet and wanted to bring us back to where we met for our proposal. He talked to our wonderful Orchestra director and decided that the Winter Concert would be a special time to propose. Not only are concerts memorable for us, but my dad who I lost to cancer was very active in the parents booster association for orchestra and loved the concerts. Mark knows how much I wish my dad was here to share this and wanted to have him part of this time. So Mark had our orchestra director call and invite my mom and I to the concert. She is retiring so it was a perfect reason for us to attend her last winter concert. I thought Mark was going to meet us after work, but he is a firefighter and told me that he got held up.

He knew I would believe it because ee may have some experience with this ;) As the concert went on I enjoyed it with my mom, but wished Mark could have attended. Before the last song the director asked for the house lights to turn on and said she had the joy of seeing a former student and her mother. My heart stopped I just knew it was about me and yes she was calling me on stage. As I walked up she told the crowd that I was dating Mark another former student and that he was here as well. I panicked because I knew he was not there and I was thinking oh no I’m going to be alone in this stage. Then he came out with roses and popped the question in front of everyone. The entire audience and orchestra gasped, cheered, and played the final song It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year. It truly is.

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