Meredith and Luis

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How We Met

Its hard to fit an 8-year love story into a few paragraphs but I will try. Our story began in 2009, we both went to the same high school but ran in completely different circles. However, the tables we sat at during lunch happened to be close, enough for me to lean over to my friend and say “who is that ?!” Lucky enough for me she was in one of his classes, and there the story began. I continued to admire him from afar as the social circles of high school crossed in its many ways. A few people I know knew him and vice-versa. Resulting in the word being passed around that I thought he was good looking. Me not thinking anything else about it, I soon got ambushed by another friend later that week. “You like Luis?!? I know him! He is best friends with my friend!” Like him? well as rumors often do my noticing had grown into a full-blown crush according to her and what she had heard. The school dance came up and we had not pursued these rumors so we both went to the dance with different dates as friends. But oddly enough in the same group. So we spent the night glancing at each other and exchanging a few words and laughs here and there but that was about it. Later in the year after the admiration grew on both sides from the short amount of time we had spent together, We both wanted to get to know the other.

Luis was going to a concert with some people and my friend begins one of them. He told her to give me his number and text him in the most arrogant high school boy way ever. Playing it really cool! I found that to be a… confident response so I did text him and gave him a very hard time about it haha. Sarcastic pestering being one of my specialties and one of the reasons he says he fell in love with me. After a few dates and getting to know each other, laugh at dumb jokes and being awkward teenagers we started to fall for each other. Hard. Becoming his official girlfriend on October 21, 2009. Since then we have been to prom together, graduated high school together, done long distance from different colleges, gone to the same college, done long distance across the countries together, graduated college together, met each others families, learned about each others history and past, traveled together, lived together in our first apt, been away from our families and on our own together, job hunted, laughed together, cried together, experience new things, and so so much more. But most importantly we have become true best friends, and undeniable and wholeheartedly loved one another. We have built a bond over these eight years that can stand the test of time and if there is one thing I have learned since meeting him is that he is the one whom my soul truly loves.

how they asked

As the definition of high school sweethearts and after 8 years we have been through everything together! Every year for our anniversary we like to do something active. I woke up early and got ready for the day, so excited to be surprised because he always plans our anniversaries. He had prepared the GoPro to record the entire day so we could make a video out of it to! The first stop was breakfast followed by Rock Climbing! We were definitely ready for lunch and this is where he took me by the hands and told me he wants this year to be special, eight years is a big deal. He said he got us a hotel room downtown for the weekend and our anniversary would last three days! I was so excited as we headed to the hotel. We went up to the room and he was recording with the GoPro. I went into the room and found rose petals all over and music playing in the background. One of my suitcases from home was sitting in the corner. As I put my things down he told me we also had a balcony, I ran to go check it out. I was admiring the amazing view when he handed me the GoPro.

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Confused by his sudden change of mood I asked him what was wrong? He said well I have a present for you and it has 8 parts kind of in a mumbled voice. ” Really! how so ?” He ripped open a large box while his hands were shaking and poured out this bag with confetti paper. He tore it open and paper went everywhere. Thinking he was kneeling to pick up the paper he got down on one knee while he said Ummm well, 1..2..3,4 Will you marry me?

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It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. After being in shock and then the wave of sheer ecstatic excitement came over me, I managed to nod my yes! It is a moment that you can not describe or explain, begin proposed to by the love of your life. He explained that he asked me on this date so we can keep our anniversary the same and add on to our legacy. So one year from that day we will be married on year 9 together and I couldn’t be more happy or more in love with my best friend!

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