Meredith and Josiah

Be careful who you swipe right on—they might just become your fiancé!

Josiah and I met about 2.5 years ago when we both swiped right. After four months of talking and texting, I finally decided I felt comfortable to meet up for pizza and ice cream. On our way back from our date there was a torrential down pour. Now I know what you’re thinking, “so what, it’s rain?” Well i forgot to mention that we were riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle so we were completely soaked!! It’s safe to say that the rain proved to be good luck, because two years later we are planning a wedding!

On to the proposal! 3 days before Labor Day weekend Josiah and I were texting while at work and we decided to book a spur of the moment trip to New York City. I should preface this story by saying I love NYC and have been many times, but Josiah had never been up until this point. Because of this, he was asking me what we should do, which sites to see, and my favorite restaurants to visit while we are there. My girlfriends had told me I should get my nails painted “just in case” so of course I did happily, but wasn’t expecting him to propose until our anniversary a few weeks later. On our first morning there we started at a museum where we had to completely empty our pockets for security. I noticed he didn’t have a bag/backpack/anything that could store a ring so I (disappointedly) texted my friend telling her there was no way he would propose since he couldn’t possibly have the ring on him.

As the day went on, we headed to Brooklyn to get my favorite pizza, meet my childhood friend Chelsea, and see my favorite view of the city. When we got to the pizza place, they were shutting down for their afternoon cleaning and told us to come back in about 30 minutes. Since we had to wait, Chelsea suggested that we go down the street to the pier to take some photos and see the view of Manhattan. As we started taking photos, and as I was worried about standing on my preferred side, Josiah dropped to one knee, said some sweet things, and asked if I would go on adventures with him for a lifetime. After the easiest ‘yes’ I could have imagined, I realized Chelsea had known the whole time and had taken photos and Polaroids the whole time! My family, friends, and even my bestie who I had texted earlier in the day were all in on the plan and were waiting by FaceTime for the welcome surprise!

New York was always one of my favorite cities before, but now it holds an even more meaningful place in my heart. Here’s to a lifetime of adventures together!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York City

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City

Special Thanks

Chelsea Butler
 | Photographer