Meredith and Josh | Christmas Party Proposal


How We Met: I was fresh out of undergrad and trying to decide what I wanted to do so I postponed the real world by going to grad school. In the meantime, Josh was trying to make his way in the coaching business, it was the Fall of 2007 and we both ended up as GA’s in UAB Athletics. That first Fall, being the only girl who traveled with football, I had to learn to hang with the guys. As time went on, Josh, affectionately became known as “some folks” and “some folks” somehow grew to more than just “hanging out with some folks from work”.

One afternoon in the early part of 2009 I get a phone call from Josh saying “guess where I’m interviewing” …never in a million years would I have imagined he was interviewing at that little tiny school in Arkansas that I called home for about 4 months my freshmen year of college… but yep, that’s where he was going! And a few days later, off to Magnolia, Arkansas he went. It was tough going there for the next year, as I visited back to that place I never imagined I’d step foot again… And then there was about a year hiatus before we started to do this this thing again, for real this time. And now, here we are 3 years later, excitedly planning for my move back. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

how they asked: Little did I know this all started back in November when Josh mentioned to my three best friends that live in town that Levy’s (my absolute favorite jewelry store on the planet) was having their holiday open house and he wanted them to “convince” (it took absolutely zero convincing) me to go. Over the course of the night, after looking for something for everyone else that they needed, we ended the night “playing around” with the engagement rings…Turns out all this was planned and Levy’s was making notes for what I like and taking my size, PERFECT PLAN!


My friends and I started having our “Annual Friends Christmas Party” our junior year of high school and for the first time in twelve years, invited guys this year. We have a big group picture from all of those years past, so we wanted to be sure that we still got our girl friends pic this year. The craziness ensued that is organizing a big group of girls to take a picture, somehow I conveniently made the middle of the picture this year (thanks to some behind the scenes planning I didn’t know about).

I’m usually head photo taker in our group so in my normal way, I stood up in the room, yelled “alright, everyone, I’m in charge!” prepared to direct the guys to take one picture at a time so we could all be looking at the correct camera….Out comes Josh from the group saying “no, I’m in charge”. In my mind, I’m thinking “why the heck is he arguing with me about picture taking…”. After a few more lines and my friends beginning to pet me, it hit me what was going on as Josh asked me to be his wife.

It could not have been more perfect proposal for me. It had all my favorite things: Josh, friends, pictures and it made for one happy girl!

DSC_0929 DSC_0932 DSC_0934 DSC_0936 DSC_0937 DSC_0938 IMG_4528

We celebrated the night with my friends a little longer, took more pictures and then headed to my parents house for a celebration with our parents. Amazing night that I wouldn’t have changed in any way!