Meredith and Joseph

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How We Met

College, 8 years ago.

How They Asked

We spent a weekend with friends in Colorado and I was under the impression he was going to propose that weekend so everything we did I dressed up and made sure I looked great! Well by the end of the weekend nothing and I was slightly embarrassed after mentioning to my best friend I thought it was going to happen. We flew home and he convinced me to take a sick day on Monday so we could relax after traveling and spend time with Louise our black lab. I did and we got up Monday, got coffee, and took Lou to the beach. About a mile into our walk Joe got down on one knee while Louise excitedly tugged the leash and proposed! I of course said yes! Since then we’ve dealt with a lot of COVID hiccups but I’m either way I’m happy to be his fiancé and soon wife! The picture is at the beach right after, trying to give our family a hint.