Meredith and Joe

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How We Met

Joe and I met in Kindergarten where we then spent the next 18 years of our life as sandbox kids – going K-12 in the same school district. We had 2nd grade together, a few classes in 7th grade and again throughout high school. Joe knew me as the girl involved in show choir and I knew Joe as one of the shortest guys in our grade. In high school our activities and paths didn’t cross much. After high school although both of us were close to home, we didn’t connect again until one Summer Joe asked me if I would go to the Farmers Market downtown with him and a couple of other mutual friends. I thought he just wanted to reconnect with people still in the area, but little did I know that would lead to a proposal a few years down the road.

how they asked

Yesterday during Oscar’s 6-month photo shoot a very special event happened and our photographer was there to capture it. Joe and I are so excited to call each other Fiancé and celebrate the next best part of our life together. When Jaime, our photographer, said it was time for some photos with Oscar and Mom, I was laying down with Oscar. She said “This isn’t working, let’s have you stand up” and had me face towards the other wall so Oscar was in the light. Then she asked me to turn towards her, thinking she was just posing us differently. Joe was down on one knee asking me to be more than just a Mom to Oscar and girlfriend to him, but to be his wife. After tears and lots of kisses for Oscar and Joe, I of course said yes! I am beyond blessed to have these two men in my life.

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Special Thanks

Jaime Hough
 | Photographer