Meredith and Evan

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How We Met

Ev and I met at Providence College. I was on the swim team and he happened to room with all the swimmer boys from the grade above me, one of which was a friend I grew up swimming with. We met my first week of freshman year, but it took a little while for us to become friends. He asked me to be his date to the Junior Ring Weekend as a sophomore. Little did I know that Ev thought this was his chance to make a move, but I was going as a friend. The weekend didn’t turn out the way Ev planned, but we remained friends.

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Fast forward 1.5 years, I came back from abroad and something with Ev clicked. It could have been our first magical kiss behind his senior year house next to the dumpsters. I know, so romantic. From there the rest was history. After college, I went to NYC and Ev stayed in Boston. Being long distance for almost three years would scare most couples. To us, there was no question of whether it would last. We knew what we wanted, so those long traveling Fridays and Sundays were worth the 48 hours to spend with each other. Eventually, we made the decision that I would come to Boston and we would move in together. It has been amazing to build an adorable little home together.

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how they asked

I am a consultant, so traveling every week for work is the norm. Since we weren’t sure if I would be home for Valentine’s Day, Ev planned this “surprise fancy brunch”. Immediately, I questioned what exactly that means and of course what outfit do I wear. I kept trying to ask questions to figure out what this meant because Ev always has a trick up his sleeve.

Luckily, as we got closer to Valentine’s Day, I found out I was going to be able to be home, but brunch was still on. Ev kept hinting that we can have a nice relaxing weekend to ourselves to stroll down Newbury St. and do some shopping after brunch. I now realize he was trying to defer my thoughts of anything happen (a.k.a. the proposal) and, as he mentioned many times that week, him proposing wasn’t going to happen for a long time.

As we woke up Saturday morning for brunch, he had fully convinced me not to expect anything for a long time. As we sipped on bloody marys together, I suggested we should walk around Beacon Hill area since it was the one neighborhood I hadn’t explored yet, since moving to Boston. Ev loved the idea and the plan after brunch was set, thankfully the famous and most adorable Acorn St. was just up the road!

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We got to the bottom of Acorn St. and Ev suggested that we see it from the top and walk down the cobblestone street to see this “crazy apartment” that was closer to the stop. I agreed, not thinking anything of it. I actually took multiple pictures of Ev as we walked down totally oblivious to what would happen a few minutes after (see the photo above). We got halfway down the street and Ev turned back to me, held my hands, and said: “Did I tell you I love you enough today?”. This was something he asked me every day and I always loved it. He continued with a few other questions finishing with, “Did I tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you?”. That’s when I realized what was happening. He got down on one knee, brought the most beautiful ring out, looked up at me and asked me to marry him. I was in shock. My jaw dropped to the floor. My initial reaction was “Are you kidding?!” and then, of course, my second response was “Of course!”.

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It was crazy because Acorn St. is notorious for being filled with tourist, but just as Ev proposed the street cleared out. My favorite detail of the proposal is that he had one of his friends from growing up at the bottom of the street taking pictures of us as it all happened. He even took some beautiful photos after too.

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The surprises didn’t end there, we went back to our apartment and his sisters set up champagne and his mom gave us the crystal toasting glasses we will use at the wedding. Ev said my family came to Boston from NYC, CT, and FL and his family came to the city to celebrate. As we walked into the restaurant, it was not only our families standing there. Ev planned for some of my best friends to come to Boston from NYC to surprise me. Cue the waterworks! It was the most magical weekend and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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Special Thanks

Liam Noonan
 | Photographer