Meredith and Colin

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How We Met

Colin and I met for the first time in February 2018. I was working at a spin studio in Boston, at the time, and Colin came to a Thursday night spin class. Whenever a client came to the desk, we always asked for their last name so we could check them in. So, I asked, “Last Name, please?” Colin says, “Champagne”. I respond, “Wow, with the last name Champagne you must be a pretty fun guy”.

Colin was so caught off guard at my remarks, he grabbed his shoes and turned to his buddy, and said “That cute blonde girl was totally hitting on me and I blew it”. His friend responds, “No worries man, on to the next one.”

Fast forward to April 2018, Colin and I matched on the dating app, Hinge, and I didn’t recognize him or his last name right off the bat. Nor did he recognize me. I got a great first impression about him, he looked sweet and kind in his pictures, and we scheduled our first date for May 1, 2018, at an awesome Mexican restaurant in the city called Lolita.

I would say the rest is history, but after a couple of months of dating, July 24, 2018 (my 26th birthday spent at a restaurant called Loco), I was telling friends how Colin and I met. A few days prior to my birthday that year, I connected the dots and realized I had checked Colin in for a spin class a few months before. However, I forgot to tell him of my realization. So, as I am telling my friends we “met in April on Hinge”, I paused and said, “Well, we technically met in February”. Colin overheard me say this and was confused. Then, I explained how back in February I called him out for his last name at the studio and only realized it a few days ago. Colin was so surprised that I was the same girl from that day in February, and even crazier, that he turned to his buddy at that moment, and said: “Charlie, don’t you remember that girl from the spin studio this year and I said I totally messed it up.. well that was Meredith”.

Colin and I have had the most incredible three years together, and we are so excited for our future together as Mr. and Mrs. Champagne (yes, like the drink)!

How They Asked

Colin and I booked a trip to celebrate our 3 year anniversary in Nantucket in early 2021. We realized about a week before our trip that we would be there over The Nantucket Daffodil Festival, which is a big weekend on the island. Sadly, it was canceled for the second year because of the pandemic. Little did we both know, Daffodil Festival Weekend was even more significant. Colin’s parents not only met on Nantucket, but it was Daffodil Festival Weekend in April 1983, that his dad planned to ask his mom to marry him. However, he did not have her father’s permission yet. They got engaged a few days later and ever since, for many reasons, Nantucket has always been a special place for Colin and his parents.

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Colin and I had never been to Nantucket together before but it was just 38 years later on Daffodil Weekend, Colin drove the two of us out to Cisco Beach, and asked me to be his wife. The waves were white caped, and the wind was howling at 25 mph, but it was still a beautiful, sunny, spring day. Colin had recently purchased a “tripod” so we could take more real photos and fewer selfies together on the trip, which was a little bit of a giveaway but I agreed to the purchase and kept telling myself not to expect a proposal on this trip. We arrived at Cisco Beach, Colin set up the tripod and did a great job running next to me for the photo “before the timer ran out”. As we were taking in the view of the water, I turned and before I knew it, Colin was getting down on one knee with the most stunning ring I had ever seen in his hand. I was so absolutely shocked at that moment, it really did take my breath away. I didn’t even have a chance to say ‘Yes’ before Colin asked “Well do you want it, is that a yes”? Which, funny enough, is exactly what his dad said to his mom when he proposed back in 1983.

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We absolutely love and cherish the series of events that brought our proposal to life on April 23, 2021, and Colin and I both like to believe those big waves on Cisco Beach that day was Colin’s dad waving down on us. Now, Nantucket is even more special than we both could ever imagine. Crazy how life comes full circle!

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