Meredith and Caleb

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How We Met

I moved from Pittsburgh to Richmond, VA with a friend from grad school for a teaching job. December 2016, right before Christmas break, I was in a bad car accident and my friend who I moved wanted to help raise my spirits a bit so we went out to a local bar. It was Christmas so there were so many people in costumes for bar crawls. We left the bar but came back an hour later and our original seats were still open. It was fate. Caleb and his friends walked in wearing nutcracker onesies and that it really what sealed the deal. His humor is what attracted me to him but his big heart and way of making things special are what made me fall in love with him. He lived in NYC At the time and we would keep in touch, but it wasn’t until that summer when he moved back to Richmond, VA when we started to date.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Richmond, va

How They Asked

I am a huge runner and drag Caleb to all of my races. We broke up for a brief second and he won me back at the finish line of the New York City marathon. Finish lines have been very special to us since then. Richmond puts on a really popular race each year called the Monument Avenue 10k. It runs right past our house and we’ve always had people over for it. This year we had even more people than normal! I did think it was a little strange but figured everyone came because his brother and sister in law were also running.

When I turned the corner to the finish line I saw him standing there and just kept saying “I knew it!!!!” The announcer said both of our names and he dropped to his knee to ask me the question. I may not have come in first but I won!!!!

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