Meredith and Brantley

how we met

We met at a mutual friend’s New Year’s Eve party! Brantley, a paramedic, was supposed to be on shift that night. However, with the night off due to an injury, his roommate convinced him to go out to celebrate the New Year. Heading into my Senior spring semester in college, I was back in town from the winter break a few weeks early. With a close group of friends also back in town, we decided to spend the night at a friend’s house, who was throwing a party. Little did either of us know, we would be meeting our future spouse that night! After sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss, we became inseparable from that day forward.

how they asked

We were celebrating our anniversary. As avid wine lovers (hence plans for an Italian honeymoon!) and fans of Big Band music, we decided to spend New Year’s Eve at a Roaring 20s-themed party at a vineyard just outside of Atlanta, where we lived. The party, which included an overnight stay at the inn on-site, was just the holiday getaway we needed. We went with another couple, who apparently all were in on an even bigger surprise: a proposal! Little did I know, Brantley had been planning a special surprise with the hotel staff for weeks. Walking into the hotel room, I couldn’t even take off my jacket before noticing the carpet and bed covered with rose petals. On the table were chocolate-covered strawberries, a dozen long-stemmed roses, and a bottle of champagne. The bottle, I noticed, had its label facing the wall. Brantley encouraged me to open the bottle – and when I turned it around, the label read “Will You Marry Me?”. I turned around just as Brantley was bending onto one knee, asking me to be his wife!

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