Meredith and Austin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sunset Beach, North Carolina (Bird Island - Kindred Spirit Mailbox)

How We Met

Austin and I have been together since middle school. We met when I was in the 8th grade and Austin was in the 7th grade. We had grown up in the same small town, went to the same school, and knew of each other. But because we were in different grades we did not know much about each other or had ever really spoken. Austin joined my cousin’s baseball team and my Aunt Susan kept joking with me about the cutest kid with pretty blue eyes that she thought was so nice and that I should like him. We were so young, obviously my family was just joking. However, our friends got a hold of this idea and set us up. Through the most random of circumstances, we ended up agreeing to date (but it was really our friends texting each other back and forth as us). Austin and I just both kind of went with it and dated. Our dates until I could drive consisted of the same 6 – 10 Saturday night dates with our parents – oh the romance!

Our friendship and middle school crush turned into real love as we got older and continued dating all through high school and college. We are apart of each other’s family and really were meant to be together. We are alike in ways that matter and different in ways that compliment each other. It is so hard to believe that after 9 years together, we are now getting married and that crazy set up turned into the best thing that ever happened to us!

how they asked

My family tradition for over 50 years has been a reunion at Sunset Beach, NC the same week in July each year. Austin started coming to the beach with my family when we were 16 and my family had decided he was probably around to stay for a while! Sunset Beach is my favorite place in the world and I have loved getting to share it with Austin as we have made so many memories there over the years. I decided last Spring during my senior year of college that we should take a weekend trip there since I did not get a Spring Break due to student teaching. Austin thought this would be the perfect time to propose, because I was planning the trip and would never suspect it. I had always tried to never tell Austin what kind of ring I liked or how I wanted the proposal to be, because I truly wanted him to decide everything and make it special. The only thing I ever mentioned is that I wanted it to be private and for us to have time together – no one else, no cameras, and especially no strangers around.

He went home for Spring Break and while he was home he talked to my parents. I had no idea! We left for Sunset Beach when Austin came back from Spring Break and I could tell something was up – he was so nervous and very chatty about such random things! He was also very adamant that no matter the weather, we had to walk to Bird Island to the Kindred Spirit mailbox which was always secluded and private. He kept looking over his shoulders and seemed very concerned about any people we saw and if they were going to the mailbox. I thought this was odd, but now it totally makes sense. When we got to this part of the beach and were alone, he started talking about getting married and about asking my parents.

It sounded like he was being hypothetical and I was laughing at him and then he said, “I talked to your parents this week about marrying you.” The next thing I knew, he was down on his knee asking me to marry him! In true ‘Austin style’ it was short, sweet, and to the point. I said yes and we enjoyed a beautiful weekend at the beach together celebrating the start of the rest of our lives. That next weekend we came home to celebrate with our family and friends. It was perfect and just the way I had always pictured. I think it goes to show how well we know each other that he planned the most perfect proposal and picked the most perfect ring all without knowing what I wanted. This summer on our annual trip, we had our engagement photos taken at Sunset Beach.

Where to Propose in Sunset Beach, North Carolina (Bird Island - Kindred Spirit Mailbox)