Meredith and Anthony

How We Met

We first met in the summer of 2007. Anthony had just graduated from high school and I was going into my junior year of high school. A mutual friend introduced us and we were inseparable for the majority of that summer. Anthony started college that fall and was on a full track and cross country scholarship so we thought it would be best if we went our separate ways when the school year started. However, we couldn’t stay apart very long and kept in touch during the fall semester. When Anthony returned home for winter break, we were inseparable again and starting dating the following January. We’ve been together ever since and seven years later we are engaged!
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how they asked

Anthony proposed in an extremely creative way – by making a fake turtle’s nest! We were at my parent’s beach house and he asked me to go for a walk on the beach before dinner to look for sea glass and shark teeth, something we love doing together all the time. On our walk, we found a sand dollar, which neither one of us had ever found on this beach before. When we stumbled upon a turtle’s nest, Anthony suggested we go check it out. We stood there for a little and eventually Anthony asked, “Did you read it?” I had barely glanced at it and just said “Yes, it says we’ll be fined so don’t touch!” It looked just like every other turtle’s nest I had seen before, it even had the divot in the sand where the actual eggs were buried.

Anthony then told me to read it again at which point I finally read the “Meredith, will you marry me?” When I turned around to ask Anthony if this was real, he was down on one knee. He opened the ring box and there was the most beautiful custom ring I have ever seen. He told me how I was his best friend and the love of his life and how he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. I was so surprised I didn’t even notice the two photographers running up to get the perfect picture! I was shaking from shock and excitement, I could barely hold still for them to get a good picture of the ring. We took a few pictures and then it started raining so we had to hurry back to the house. When we got back to the house, my parents were waiting with champagne and my mom had an armful of wedding magazines ready for me. After a glass of champagne, we went to celebrate at one of their favorite bars on the river, something we already had planned to do. We walked straight out onto the back deck and I heard my mom ask, “Is that your brother?”

I look to where she is pointing and the table is filled with Anthony and I’s closest friends along with my brother who I thought was out of town. They all stood up and start clapping and eventually the whole restaurant is clapping for us. Anthony had organized it so that my two best friends from out of town were there along with his best friends and a few of our local friends. As soon as I saw everyone I immediately starting crying and couldn’t believe they were all there to share in this moment with us. I turned to my parents and asked what about our dinner plans and they said they had food catered back at the house along with cake and more champagne. It was truly a magical day and Anthony pulled off the ultimate surprise proposal. Sea turtles now hold a special place in our hearts and we are incorporating them into small details of the wedding.

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Engagement Turtle Nest

Turtle Sign

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