Meredith and Andrew

How We Met: Andrew and I met on November 17, 2009 while in college. We both were at a friends house party, standing on the front porch.We hit it off and did the standard back and forth texting for a little while but just remained friends who then lost touch for a little while besides the occasional post on social media.

Exactly three years later, on November 17 2012, I was planning to go out in DC for a friends birthday party and had been making plans to first meet up with another friend first. Andrew happened to be going out with this same friend and commandeered his phone as soon as he saw my name pop up. He texted me the whole evening to make sure I knew exactly which bars they were at and would join up with them. We picked right back up where we left off and have been inseparable ever since.

We purchased our first home in 2012 and moved in with our furbaby, Haze. After many months of me pestering and begging we finally added our youngest Scooby to our family. Andrew had told me only a few months into dating that he would one day marry me but I had no idea how special if would be when he finally asked.

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how they asked: Every summer, since before I was born my family has visited a little island off the coast of Rhode Island called Block Island. It’s a small 21 sq mile slice of heaven and my happy place. Growing up my mom had always told me that the only time I would be allowed to bring a boyfriend to the island was when we were married and it was our own trip. So she completely took me by surprise when she invited Andrew the year before and made him part of our vacations going forward.

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I had been about as subtle as throwing a rock at Andrew for a few months and saying how I wanted to get engaged. By May he had enough of my pestering and decided to share that he had already started looking for a ring. I of course, instantly backed off and was on cloud nine for a few months while waiting.

A few weeks before our trip, my sister and other family members were insisting that he still hadn’t found a ring and unfortunately he wouldn’t have one in time for the trip to the island. Andrew had also still been asking me about what I liked and didn’t and told me he had been “looking online”. I was pretty disappointed but decided we should still enjoy the trip regardless.

We got to the island on July 29th and I had already accepted the fact that this would just be a trip to the beach and no proposal would happen. We spent the day at the beach and then had our traditional pasta dinner at my parents house with all our family and friends that vacation the same week as us. After dinner, Andrew kept trying to drag me away to watch the sunset at the cove across the street. Not believing he would propose on the trip anyway, I rolled my eyes and agreed to go; promising my parents we would be quick so they could all have dessert.

While on our way, I made a comment to him about how we were going to get everyone so excited because we just snuck out after dinner to see the sunset and wouldn’t be engaged when we got back… Little did I know.

We walked along the beach while the sun was setting over the ocean and when we stopped Andrew held me really close. He kept saying he loved me, that he would be with me forever and that he had one question to ask me. He got down on one knee, pulled the most gorgeous ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I was in complete shock and kept saying “no way, no way” before finally saying “YES!!” He even had to pull me in because I had backed up in disbelief.

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My sister had been hiding in the dunes the entire time recording and taking pictures of the proposal. When we got back to the house, my parents had informed everyone of what was going on, since they had known exactly what Andrew was up to, and they were waiting on the deck for us with champagne, hugs and happy tears.

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It was the most romantic and perfect proposal that just reminded me again how incredible he is and how lucky I am to soon call him my husband!

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