Mercedes and Todd

Mercedes and Todd's Engagement in Buckhorn Steakhouse, Winters CA

How They Asked

I was wrapping up my day at work when I received a text message about dinner plans with our children to celebrate my 30th birthday. We were in the middle of packing and preparing to go away for my 30th on vacation and Todd had voiced that it was important to have dinner with our two boys to celebrate my birthday. It was a Monday night, he took me to a restaurant in Winters California where my mom and his auntie and uncle joined us. We were getting ready to pray for our food when Todd had asked to go to the bathroom before…… we waited till he got back then began.

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Buckhorn Steakhouse, Winters CA

He then led us in prayer thanking everyone for coming to celebrate me, and thanking God for blessing me this far, then began to speak about this new decade God was bringing me through……than he out of nowhere got down on one knee and said “I’m not letting you enter this decade without asking you to be my wife, better yet I’m not asking you, I’m telling you you’re going to be my wife” this was absolutely a moment that will stay with me forever. I couldn’t stop smiling and crying in amazement! And the talented surprise photographer Monique was secretly having dinner across from ours and was able to catch every breathtaking moment. I couldn’t have asked for a more special moment, thank you, Monique, for being a part of this special day! 🖤

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Mercedes's Proposal in Buckhorn Steakhouse, Winters CA

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