Mercedes and David

David and I met Fall 2013, while we were both teaching high school marching band. After a few glances and a “how is the weather” kind of conversation one Saturday night, we went our separate ways. Never in a million years did I think I would see him again! As luck would have it, we reconnected in April of 2014 at a winter competition. Being that I had just left the school I was working for, I decided to go with my roommate to the championship show at Kiski High School, as a spectator. As we are sitting there watching shows, cheering on our favorites, I glance up to see David coming out onto the floor with his percussion ensemble! I was so excited to see him again but of course, was trying to keep my cool. I “accidentally” bumped into him in the hallway after his students were finished, told him that I enjoyed the show, gave him my number and told him I had to leave to meet my family and sisters for dinner. Clutching my cell the whole way, I finally got a text an hour later from him. We talked all night. I knew from that day forward, that he was going to be something special!!

We dated for 2.5 months; he asked me to be his girlfriend on July 18, 2014. From that moment on, we did everything together….baseball games, picnics, vacations, weekend trips, friends weddings. On our 1 year anniversary, Dave dropped the “L” bomb. From there, we knew that this was not a game and we were in it for the long haul.

We spent an amazing 2 years and 10 months together before he asked the “BIG QUESTION”…
While we were in Pigeon Forge, TN on vacation with my family in the Smoky Mountains, we decided to take mountain photos because the scenery was so beautiful. (The perks of having a photographer as a father!)

It was our last day and truly, the only day that it was sunny with no rain or clouds. Our cabin had a wrap around deck on the front, so as I rounded the corner, there is the love of my life down on one knee with a ring box open in his hands.

“Mercedes Pelka, will you marry me?”……

I LOST IT!!!! I could not believe that I was getting the proposal of my dreams and now, I am able to spend forever with David.

We are so excited for this next chapter of our lives and cannot wait to be husband and wife :)

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Mercedes and David's Engagement in Smoky Mountains, TN