Menard and Michelle

How We Met

We met back in 2016. Menard is actually my manager at a summer day camp we been working at. It was my first year and I remember the day we met. I am also a dance teacher and one day he popped in my room, scared me a bit, and introduce himself. Once the summer started, we started hanging out more and more. We worked out together and had dinner but mainly as friends. I definitely liked him but he never really made a move. After the summer ended we kind of stopped talking for a bit and seeing each other.

Menard's Proposal in Walt Disney World at Port Orleans Riverside Resort

He just got hired as a teacher so his new job kept him busy until one day he texted me to go out with some of his friends. It was really fun and we started hanging out more and more. One night he invited me to go car shopping with him. It was really random but I went. He didn’t end up buying a car but after he dropped me off home, he finally asked me out on a date. Of course, I said yes, and we’ve been together ever since. Best decision I’ve ever made. Since then we’ve gone on so many fun trip, including New York, Colorado, camping and many more, and of course Disney World!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World at Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Proposal Ideas Walt Disney World at Port Orleans Riverside Resort

how they asked

So this past summer we took a two-week vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We were so excited and had so many things planned. On the third day, we were there, Menard had a carriage ride planned for us at their New Orleans style resort, Port Orleans Riverside Resort. He told me he won it through a contest and showed me the certificate and everything! Before we left, he told me to dress nice because we were going out with our friends for a fancy dinner, so I did. We got to the resort and found our carriage. It just rained a few hours before and we were worried we weren’t even going to get on. Menard was super stressed about this for some reason but once everything worked out he was fine, for the most part. So the ride began and we had a great driver. He was talking about the resort and took some pictures for us. On the ride, we noticed a gazebo. There were people doing a mini photo shoot.

They had balloons and it reminded me of the movie UP. I loved that movie. As we got closer, Menard asked the driver if we could stop so we could take a picture. He said yes and stopped right in front. We walked over and Menard asked one of the photographers if they could take a quick picture of us. They said yes. As we began to set up in front of the gazebo, Menard grabbed my hands and told me how much he loved me and I knew right away what was happening. He asked if I loved him, and when I said yes, he asked if I would do something for him. That’s when he got down on one knee, pulled out a little Our Adventure Book (from the movie UP), opened up the back page and showed the ring and popped the question and the rest is history. He had set up an UP theme Disney proposal for the month because he knew how much I loved the movie and how it was my dream to get engaged at Disney. It was perfect. I got engaged in the most magical place on earth with the love of my life.

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