Menai and Krishan

Image 1 of Menai and Krishanhow they asked: When thinking of ways to propose to my gorgeous girlfriend Menai, I really wanted to make it really special and something Menai would remember forever.

I organised our own private ‘children’s book sale’ on London’s Battersea Park Bandstand and had it decorated with flowers and a small table holding the books.

Menai thought we were there just for a quick look, little did she know I had a real book written and printed, full of our pictures of us both with the story of how we met and our lives together until this moment.

The final page of the book asked the question ‘will you marry me?’ At that moment I got down on one knee and asked Menai those same exact words. To say Menai was surprised would be an understatement, she could not believe it and is so happy to have the memory of that special day in the book that we can keep forever. We even printed a few extra for our families.

Image 4 of Menai and Krishan

Image 2 of Menai and Krishan

Image 3 of Menai and Krishan

Krishan and Menai’s proposal was arranged by the UK and European Proposal Planners, The Proposers